Alexandria Shotokan Karate Club (ASKC) is a traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate club focused primarily on disciplined, fundamental Karate technique, fitness, and spirit in a non-competitive (non-tournament focused) atmosphere. Though technically a non-competitive dojo, ASKC trains rigorously and its instructors are trained and qualified in the rigorous standards of traditional Shotokan Karate. ASKC focuses on challenging karate training, and adherence to the martial arts philosophy of humility, respect, and perfection of character. ASKC members are welcome to participate in other martial arts disciplines, tournaments, and competitions and do so independently of ASKC. ASKC is open to the general public for members age 12 and above.

Classes are held at the Alexandria YMCA, 420 East Monroe Avenue Alexandria, Virginia.  See our Schedule for more information or Contact us.


The ASKC is an independent, non-affiliated Karate organization.  However, all ASKC instructors are qualified under JKA, ISKF, and AJKA standards. ASKC instruction and advancement examinations follow these principles and guidelines. ASKC remains an independent dojo as it functions under the auspices of the Alexandria YMCA, a non-profit organization that houses the ASKC under its unaffiliated sponsorship. As such, ASKC charges nominal dojo fees, does not require advance payment, and does not charge its membership for rank examinations and promotions.

The uniform of ASKC, like most traditional Japanese Karate organizations, is a plain, two-piece white uniform with, at most, a single Shotokan patch or JKA logo. All commands (i.e., counting, blocks, kicks, punches, forms, etc.) are given in the Japanese language. ASKC observes traditional Japanese "dojo" etiquette.